Fabric - Pink Flamingos on white

"With touches of grey-brown to their wings and beaks, watch this flamboyance of delicate pink flamingos as they gather amongst the waters, fawn-coloured earth and soft rushes..."

Based on a hand painted design by My Little Venture.

Our range of fabrics is sold per metre with a minimum order size of 1 metre.

To order now, please email sales@mylittleventure.com

Digitally printed on 100% cotton poplin fabric, 130gsm.

Photograph by Yann Pellegrino.


1.50m / 4 feet 10.5 inches standard width.

Delivery time:

2 to 5 day within the UK, 7 to 15 days outside of the UK.

3 to 4 weeks if not in stock.

Please note that in order to avoid variation between batches, we recommend that you order all your fabric in a single purchase.

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