Fabric - Purple Blossoms

"Spring has sprung, the season of blossoms is back! Experience for the first time the marvellous perfume of spring flowers, all coloured and fresh, all pink and purple. Skip around amongst the flowers and tell us the secret stories of the butterflies..."

Based on a hand painted design by My Little Venture.

This design is in stock, availability up to 10 metres.

To order now, please email sales@mylittleventure.com

Our range of fabrics is sold per metre with a minimum order size of 1 metre.

Digitally printed on 100% cotton poplin fabric, 130gsm.

Photograph by Yann Pellegrino.


1.50m / 4 feet 10.5 inches standard width.

Delivery time:

2 to 5 day within the UK, 7 to 15 days outside of the UK.

3 to 4 weeks if not in stock.

Please note that in order to avoid variation between batches, we recommend that you order all your fabric in a single purchase.

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