How to install your My Little Venture wallpaper!

Recommended equipment :

  • Metallic Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or sharp cutter
  • Plumb line
  • Pastingbrush or roller
  • Sponge or cloth, clean and dry
  • Solvite ready mixed paste the wall adhesive

Above all, before your final installation, we strongly recommend you to carry out a test, especially if you’ve never installed wallpaper before. Please note that we encourage you to obtain the services of a professional installer for optimal results. As my Little Venture wallpapers are made to order, it is important to note that if you need any extra rolls at a later stage, there may be a slight colour variation between the batches.


Before pasting the rolls onto your walls, please ensure if necessary, that you sand, wash and dry your walls. You should not hang your wallpaper on a wall that has a history of damp. Fill in any cracks and leave them to dry before hanging. 


You must check all the rolls prior to beginning any installation. Each roll has a number at the back and you need to follow the order for the best results and to avoid any variances in shade. If you notice any issues, please do not proceed, but contact My Little Venture asap at venture@mylittleventure or + 44 (0) 203 737 5408.

Before beginning your installation, we strongly advise you to trace a perfectly straight vertical line on your wall about 30cm from a corner. You should then use this line as your starting point to paper the room. Joins should never come on a corner. When papering around electric light switches and power points, take extra care and do not allow excess moisture to drip onto electrical contacts.


For optimum results we recommend a high quality pre-mixed adhesive. Make sure the same adhesive is used to hang both the lining paper, if you are using one, and the wallpaper. A water-soluble,  starch based paste with relatively low water content is highly recommended. Avoid cellulose based, self-mix or very fluid adhesives.

We recommend Paste Types such as:

  • Light Grade Ready Mixed Adhesive (sold in tubs with a black lid)
  • Albany Ready  Mixed (sold in tubs with a yellow lid)
  • Beeline Ready Mixed Vinyl Adhesive (sold in tubs with a yellow lid)

Lining, although recommended by My Little Venture, is optional, as it smoothes the walls and reduces the risk of stains appearing from the wall underneath and ensures more durability as the wallpaper will not peel off. It is also a way of improving insulation. If you wish to line the room, the walls should be cross-lined with a plain white heavy grade paper lining. We advise a grade lining paper classified in the UK as "1000" or "1200". Once lined, allow enough time to dry perfectly.


Our range of wallpaper comes pre-trimmed. It is therefore unnecessary to trim the rolls. Always carry out your installation left to right and continue around the room accordingly. You can check the repeat to allow for trimming on top. Please note that My Little Venture wallpaper designs are small in scale which makes the wallpaper easier to install and guarantees a beautiful final effect.

  • Apply the paste with a wide brush and allow to soak for approximately 4-5 minutes until pliable. Make absolutely sure that the edges are well pasted too.  
  • Apply the wallpaper to the wall, taking care not to crease the paper in the process. Smooth down with a good quality hanging brush or a clean fabric, working always from the centre towards the outer edges in order to remove any unwanted bubbles. 
  • Carefully wipe off any excess paste immediately with a clean damp sponge. If you fail to do so, serious damage to the surface might appear at a later stage.
  • After hanging 2 or 3 rolls, inspect the results to ensure that there is no shading or other faults.

My Little Venture Ltd cannot be held responsible for issues arising from installations which do not conform to our recommendations and to standard practice. Please note that no claim for hanging costs will be allowed for goods hung.

In case of unfortunate marks from little hands (which can happen)...

As we all know, when growing up, little ones can become adventurous and curious. Some unfortunate little hands might appear by magic on the walls! We would advise you to check with your installer if you can apply a matt protective spray after installation. This will prevent definitive marks and allows you to wipe gently the affected area with a damp cloth if your wallpaper gets marked...'in any accidental way'!  

You should still be able to remove any marks without the matt protective spray, but please be extra careful when attempting to clean the wallpaper. Do not apply too much water to the cloth and do not wipe too vigorously otherwise you may damage the product. My Little Venture Ltd wallpapers are not washable so if a damp cloth is unable to remove the dirt, the wallpaper should be left as it is.

Do you need the contact details of a good paperhanger? Please feel free to contact us as we may know someone in your area!