The Pink Flamingos on Aqua custom cushion August 13 2014, 0 Comments


The lovely Pink Flamingos design also comes with a lovely fresh and cooling Aqua background to complement the white version...

... I was thrilled to be commissioned to make a special custom order for a lovely lady in Paris who wanted a pair of My Little Venture handcrafted cushions in this colourway to go with two Pink Flamingos on white cushions...

All our cushions are handmade with great love and care in our London studio. When it comes to an exciting new bespoke version however, I take care of it myself!

Being 38 weeks pregnant...there is nothing better than doing a little bit of handcrafting to kill thie time during this loooooong summer waiting for the little one FINALLY to decide to emerge into this world :)

'Un petit zoom' to show the bow on the fav detail for this item!

Who said the My Little Venture collection was exclusively made for little ones? I now want a few of these on my bed ;-)

Remember that our fabrics are sold by the metre on the website. Check out which designs are in stock in our fabric section and buy a few metres to create and handcraft your own accessories and curtains!

Make you or your little one happy with our dreamy designs!

PS: We LOVE to receive your feedback, so please do not hesitate to leave a review if you have already bought something from us!



Handcrafted moses basket cover July 28 2014, 0 Comments

How to use some of My Little Venture's fabric to handcraft and give a new breath of life to this lovely moses basket someone gave me!
For this very simple crafting project, I used the original cover as the template to copy a section of our cute Kites fabric and a piece of plain white cotton to make the part that sits underneath the mattress.
After dismantling the different sections from each other I ended up with three main parts, two sides and a bottom bit. I pinned each of them to the new fabric in order to cut the new pieces and match exactly all the dimensions to make sure it would fit the moses basket perfectly.
Cut cut cut...
And the bottom section...
Then I assembled the two side sections together...
left and right..
then I attached the bottom section to these two...
ending up with the whole thing matching the shape of moses basket
then I folded the entire length all the way around the side sections
in order to create a seam that I then sewed, leaving a 5-10 cm opening inside which I inserted an elastic with the help of a safety pin.
That would tighten the fabric all around the outside part of the moses basket..
Once it was in, I folded and sewed the open section to give a perfect and lovely finish...
Et voila, finished!!! looks so cute...what do you think?
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any advice on how to create a similar project with our fabric! Imagine how lovely this could be with our Pink Flamingos, Hot Air Balloons or Blossoms fabrics!




Isabella and her Pink Flamingo bedroom December 08 2013, 0 Comments

Featuring Isabella's bedroom.
This 5 year old little girl is the cutest! She sent a beautiful thank you card to tell us how much she loves her new bedroom.




The My Little Venture Doudou! November 23 2013, 0 Comments

So it all started when I came up with an idea............
...creating a Doudou by My Little Venture..
something soft and adorable for little ones!
a bit of sketching...
a head...
a cute face...
Some lovely macao fabric for a body...signed by My Little Venture.
Et voilà...!
A flowery collar for a chic Doudou!
Using a very nice and soft macao fabric for the dress!
How elegant...
A pair of eyes to watch over...
because a Doudou is a baby's best friend...
Ready to be adopted and given a lot of affection... the My Little Venture Doudou!
Made on order, contact




Blossoms and my end of summer wedding ... August 16 2013, 0 Comments